Wedding: Holly + Mike

I met Holly many years ago when I was a veterinary assistant at a hospital in Olympia, WA. Holly and I got along immediately, and shortly after our meeting, she asked if I would photograph her wedding. The best part of this was that she and Mike had decided to get married in Austin, TX. It would be my first visit there, and I was definitely not disappointed.

I gave myself some extra time in Austin to explore, and I can tell you that it is quite an amazing city. I swear there is something different about the light there; it seemed somehow softer and more golden. Truly a magical place.

Holly + Mike’s wedding is¬†one of my all-time favorites. They had a magical woodland theme, and the guests came dressed in myriad beautiful costumes. I got to chill with fairies, satyrs, and butterflies. This was truly one of the most memorable ceremonies I’ve had the pleasure of documenting.

To see the rest of Holly + Mike’s wedding images, you can go here.

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