Pets: Landon

I have to confess: this post isn’t for a client. This is a totally selfish post about a dog that forever changed my life (as they all do).

Landon was a dog that I’d known since puppyhood. My mother actually used to breed border collies, and he was one of hers from a litter. Landon was initially living in a show home. This meant that, before he was mine, I hadn’t really seen him in many years. After that first show home, Landon moved around quite a bit. He got passed around a lot, and eventually ended up back at my mom’s place. I met him (again) shortly before I left the states for Thailand in 2013 while visiting my mom in North Idaho.

During that visit, he followed me EVERYWHERE. If he knew I was in the house, you could bet he was at my side. He had the puppy eyes down, so he ended up sleeping with me most nights in the guest room.

He also was absolutely insane. He never stopped moving, and I swear that dog didn’t know how to rest. He ended up wiggling his way into my mind, and I simply couldn’t forget about him.

When I came back from Thailand with my now husband, we knew we needed to get a dog as soon as possible. We are dog people, and we couldn’t bear to be dogless much longer. I had never forgotten about Landon, and during a visit to my mom’s in early 2014, Landon managed to convince my husband that he, too, could never live without him. A little while later, after finding a decent place to live, we made the long drive to pick Landon up. We were a bit worried about how crazy he was and if we could handle the energy, but we’re both runners and figured he would be our workout buddy.

Amazingly, one of the first things Landon did when we got him home was…sleep. The first picture I took of him was of him splayed out on his side, snoozing away. When I shared that picture to social media, my mom was dumbfounded.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him sleep during the day like that.”

Turns out, Landon just REALLY wanted some one-on-one attention. My mom’s place always has multiple dogs. While this has always been fine, and all the dogs get plenty of attention and the best care possible (we actually call it “Doggie Disneyland”), for Landon, the environment was utterly overstimulating. Once we got him alone, he was incredibly attentive and focused and…well…sleepy!

Landon had an amazing doggie life. We took him running, hiking, and frisbee-ing (the latter being his absolute favorite). Our honeymoon was actually less of a honeymoon and more of a doggie vacation. I’m so grateful now that we included him in our wedding and post-wedding adventures. His first visit to the ocean occurred during that time, and I don’t think he’d ever been happier.

A month after our honeymoon, we took Landon out to play disc in the park. When we got back, we thought he was acting a little strange, but figured he was probably just tired. We let him rest while we went to the store.

When we got back, it was very apparent there was something wrong. There was a frantic run to the vet office up the road, and the rest of that day is a vivid culmination of traumatic events that eventually lead to us losing our wonderful little Lanny. We did everything we could, but we ended up having to say goodbye to our best friend. That was truly the worst day of my life.

In the time following, I’ve worked very hard to focus on the good memories with him. Fortunately (though not surprisingly) Lanny left us with plenty of them. He gifted us uncountable good times, laughs, and love. He was a truly unique dog, and everyone who met him fell in love with him.

We have since acquired two more pups, and I firmly believe that our finding them was Lanny’s gift to us…his way of saying “I’m sorry I couldn’t stay…but I don’t want you to be alone. Here is another friend.” It’s still damn near impossible to think too much about him and not burst into tears (I may or may not be sniffling away at this very moment), but it’s also so wonderful to look back at all the memories that were made so much better by him being there.

These pictures are some of my favorites. It always helps to just spend some time looking at these and remembering him.

Please meet: Landon.

You can see the rest of Lanny’s images here.

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