Maternity: Baby Carter

This session was very dear to me. These photos contain some of my favorite people in the entire world. My husband has been best friends with Craig for decades. I couldn’t be more grateful for this, because meeting he and his wife, Lynette, has been one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. These two are the most genuine and caring people I’ve ever met.

When my husband and I were visiting them last summer, I couldn’t believe our luck in being present when they first found out Lynette was pregnant. I literally jumped from where I was sitting and hugged Lynette harder than I’ve ever hugged anyone. I can’t explain the joy of that moment. Needless to say, when Lynette asked if I would shoot some maternity photos for her many months later, I enthusiastically agreed.

I adore these two and their love for each other. They are amazing parents and amazing partners. Little baby Carter couldn’t have asked to be born into a better family.


You can see the rest of Craig + Lynette’s maternity photos here.

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